Rickymaru is an Elven Ninja. His father was an Elven Ninja and his mother was a Human Wizard. Both Spell Caster and Ninja, he has never before seen skills. Occasionly, when he gets angry his evil side comes out, known as Rickymaru's Rage. In this stage, Rickymaru becomes a threat to everyone and attempts to kill everyone. He specilizes in the dagger and bow but has trained with other things, such as swords, spells & guns.(Strange isn't it?) Originally from the Eastern Elven Hood in Japan, he now lives in Australia. Also, he tends to have a lot of random stuff happen to him and travels around with the Orc Knight Turk. He wanted Rex to spill the beans on what was happening(and probably kill him aswell) before meeting his untimely death in the Realm of Illusions.

Rickymaru in the RealmsEdit

  • Realm of Fire: Survived; Helped Rex to get into the Realm; Helped Rex kill the Dragon.
  • Realm of Rock: Survived; Inactive
  • Realm of Sand: Survived; Helped Rex, Turk, Davis and Samantha get through the quicksand; Helped Rex and Davis stop the serpent from killing anyone.(So to speak); Started to suspect Rex
  • Realm of Balance: Survived; Got knocked out; Ended up getting brain damage from too many wacks on the head
  • Realm of Water: Survived; Helped Rex basicly complete the Realm. Became Rex's Rival at the time. Helped Rex beat the Legend of Zelda's Morpha Lookalike. Ground his face on the water tentacle thing, cause it felt like solid stone.
  • Realm of Snow: Survived; Got through the maze with Turk, Rex, Freja, Penelope, Annie and Freja; Got frozen because of the Ice Wall but cured by Annie's Fire ball.
  • Realm of Wind: Survived, Became an assassin, Got thrown around like a rag-doll slamming into pretty much everything.
  • Realm of Illusions: Status-K.I.A Died from Bloodloss.....
  • Realm of Blood: Confirmed that he will return in this realm.....He will play a role as a ghost like the other fallen contestants...He...might possess someone or return as something.....Still haven't figured out what he is gonna do as a ghost XD


  • Rickymaru is the most hot-headed ninja in the Eastern Elven Ninja Hood
  • He's the only Ninja who wears a half mask
  • Rickymaru's hair is white and his right eye has a scar running through it.
  • His Ninja costume is greyish-brown
  • He has the highest kill streak in the Eastern Elven Ninja Hood
  • Has too many random stuff happen to him
  • Travels around with Turk
  • Is the only one who suspects Rex of being behind the Realms
  • He has decided that since he's dead, he's gonna haunt Rex forever, starting in the Realm of Blood

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